Happy Pets Make Animal Jam A Better Experience

Animal jam has two things to take care of, the environment as well as the animals. The animals can remain in the wild, and you can adopt them as pets too, depending on your feasibility. Some of the animals that are available in the wild are available as pets too. Taking the pets and keeping them warm and happy help improve your game score.  Not only in the game, but this particular habit inculcates a more genuine and caring feeling towards animals and nature in reality.

The turtle is one of the land and water pets that were made available to the gamers. It was first introduced into the game in the year 2012. The turtles move back into their shells and slides about while spinning. Their dance step includes kicking their front and back flippers alternately. The turtles know how to sit on its two hind legs. While sleeping, the lie on their stomach and the three are animated Z’s that are shown above them. You can customize the turtles with flipper of legs. No matter what your choice, it will not prevent them from going underwater.

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Puppies are not only one of the favorite pets for people in reality but also in the game. You can adopt puppies from the pet shop. They are available for members only. The puppies can lie on its back and play dead. They can also dance by standing on their two hind legs and waving to the player. You can accessorize your pet puppy by putting a wig on its head to make it look funny. There are goggles available at the pet store, and you can use them to make your puppies look stylish. The puppy in the game can play with a tennis ball by flinging it up in the air and catching it with its mouth. While sleeping the puppy lies on its belly, and you can understand the rhythmic sleeping pattern.

Pet reindeer is too is a land animal and available to just the members but you can use it by having one animal jam hack. The pet is a miniature form and can be customized. The reindeer can hop in the air and while doing so jiggles its legs, trying to fly. While hoping the reindeer can stay airborne for some time and then fall back. You can see the reindeer flinging snowballs in the air and then kick it apart in the midair with its hind legs. You can accessorize the deer exchanging its regular antlers with the lit up ones. While sitting idle in the game, the reindeer can blow out chilly breaths occasionally.  You can change the nose your reindeer with a lit up one instead of the regular one.

The pets in the game help determine our value to your fellow players. The happier you pets are, the better rewards and returns you will earn.  Keep playing with your pets and entertain the so that they can fetch you good rewards. Other than the pets mentioned here, there are other pets present in the game that you can choose. Some are only member pets while some are open to all.

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